DEIB Statement

We Are Committed To Diversity, Equity,
Inclusion, and Belonging.

ECCO is committed to creating an environment where representation is a priority at all levels: among our clients, our staff, our volunteers, and our leadership.

At ECCO, we want everyone to have an opportunity to feel valued, have their voice heard, and know they are appreciated.

We acknowledge the existence of systemic biases, the significance of social inequities, and the imbalance of health disparities. ECCO chooses to continually train and educate ourselves on these differences to improve the well-being of our social environment and foster a sense of belonging within our community. We believe celebrating our community’s diversity will promote connections and cultivate relationships, allowing ECCO to better serve our clients.

Our mission

We provide assistance, guidance, and resources to help our neighbors navigate through life’s challenges.

Our vision

A community where all people can discover a path to opportunity— regardless of background, economic status, race, or beliefs.