Medical Services

East Cooper Community Outreach (ECCO) is fortunate to operate two clinics at our location in Mount Pleasant, offering a variety of services for the community. Our Partners in Healthcare Clinic is offered during the day, while the MUSC C.A.R.E.S. Clinic is offered in the evenings. We also offer a Prescription Assistance Program, helping our patients fill monthly prescription refills at a reduced or no cost at all. Make ECCO your new medical home!


Partners in Healthcare Daytime Clinic

Let ECCO be your new medical home, with primary care services for uninsured adults. All patients of the Partners in Healthcare Clinic are provided medical care through MUSC Nurse Practitioners. The clinic operates during the day and offers the following services:

  • Primary care
  • Patient education
  • Women’s health services
  • Laboratory and diagnostic testing
  • Support for patients with health complications such as:
    • Diabetes
    • High blood pressure
    • High cholesterol

This clinic is open to residents of Charleston, Berkeley, and Dorchester counties.

ECCO Medical Clinic

The clinic is available by appointment only. To schedule your appointment, please call (843) 416-7130 or email The clinic has an expanded its service area, which includes the Tri-County area of Charleston, Dorchester, and Berkeley counties. All individuals who are uninsured, live in this service area and meet the published income guidlines (250% of the FPG or below) are eligible for services.

C.A.R.E.S. Clinic Evening Clinic

Each week, the MUSC C.A.R.E.S. Clinic offers health and wellness services for uninsured adults, unable to pay for healthcare in our community. This clinic is open to those in our community who are 18 years or older that have no active insurance (those insured under Medicare or Medicaid are not eligible). The clinic provides the following care for patients:

  • Primary care
  • Patient education
  • Women’s health
  • Immunizations
  • Specialty nights (a variety of nights offered throughout the year)
    – Spanish Specialty Night
    – Orthopedic Night
    – OB-GYN Night
    – Dermatology Night
    – Cardiovascular Night
    – Integrated Care Night
  • Referrals for laboratory, diagnostic testing, and specialty care

To schedule your appointment, please call (843) 876-7097.

ECCO Medical Services


Prescription Assistance

Do you need help with your prescription refills? ECCO can help.

ECCO can provide help for monthly prescriptions for uninsured individuals, unable to pay for their prescriptions. This program is open to uninsured neighbors living in Charleston, Berkeley, and Dorchester counties.

ECCO Can Provide the Following:

  • Assistance paying for up to thirty days of prescriptions (if you’re uninsured)
  • Assistance finding and applying an annual prescription assistance program to cover the cost of prescriptions (if you’re uninsured)

Assistance is available:

  • Online (by filling out the form below)
  • Monday through Thursday (10:00 am to 4:00 pm by appointment only)

In order to receive prescription assistance eligible individuals must provide:

  • Paystubs documenting the last 30 days of income
  • Letter from an employer stating last day of work or a reduction of hours worked
  • If impacted by COVID-19, please provide a letter stating how the pandemic has impacted you financially

Please fill out our online form below. If you have any questions or require emergency assistance, please call (843) 416-7145.

After completing the form, a follow-up call by our Medical Services staff will be made within 2 business days using the contact information provided. If you are unsure about your eligibility or are unable to complete this application, please call ECCO at (843) 416-7145 or by email at