Capital Campaign

We believe ECCO’s impact extends far beyond our walls, and far beyond the individual clients we serve. Because when we offer our neighbors a hand up, their families, schools, businesses, and neighborhoods all benefit. Our work has ripple effects throughout the East Cooper communities.

ECCO has the heart, the compassion, and the expertise to reach so many more people than we are serving today. We are proud to launch BEYOND OUR WALLS: The Campaign to Expand Our Reach so that we can make that happen. This campaign will provide ECCO with the resources we need to ensure our current facility meets our needs for the next decade, reunite our services under one roof, develop transportation solutions, and significantly expand our reach in the community to serve more of our neighbors as they navigate life’s challenges, and improve the way we deliver and connect people to the comprehensive, holistic assistance, guidance, and resources that put them back on the path to financial stability.

Your participation in this campaign has the potential to spark transformational change right in your backyard.

We encourage you to read through our case for support below, outlining the top priorities of this campaign and how together, we can serve our neighbors and make our community a better place for everyone to live.

Priority #1
Priority #1




Our goal is to encourage collaboration, increase efficiency, and make it easier for our clients to access the help they need.

Renovating our current facility and reuniting our programs under one roof will not only make it easier for our clients to access our services, but it will also enable our staff and volunteers, who often shuffle between sites on a daily basis to work more efficiently and collaborate more often. Moreover, working side by side will allow ECCO to continually nurture and develop our compassionate team culture.

Through this renovation, we can:







Priority #2




It’s time to focus on the “O” in ECCO – outreach – and bring ECCO to more of the people who need our services most.

ECCO’s primary service area covers over 1,970 square miles. When you take into account our medical service area, ECCO’s services cover nearly 3,200 square miles in the Tri-County area. We can’t serve all the people who need our help if they don’t know who we are, what we offer, and how to access our services. We also understand that even when people are familiar with ECCO, they cannot always come to us – whether they lack reliable transportation or because they live too far away from our main campus.

Through this campaign, we’re investigating specific ways for ECCO to expand our presence beyond our walls in Mount Pleasant, especially in East Cooper’s more isolated, outlying communities such as:

Priority #3




While our efforts to expand outreach will make it possible for ECCO to bring many of our resources directly into East Cooper neighborhoods, there are some services we offer, including medical and dental care, that we cannot make mobile.

Moreover, expanding our outreach efforts will require ECCO to transport clients and staff, along with food and other essential supplies, throughout the East Cooper region.

Beyond Our Walls will ease challenges that result from a lack of reliable transportation, both personal and public. It will reduce the sheer distance between our clients and our facility by allowing us to purchase vehicles and develop transportation programs to get clients to ECCO and to get our assistance to our clients.

ECCO has a long, proud history of serving our neighbors in their time of need. And our approach works. Our assistance, guidance, and resources enable clients to emerge from their present-day crises with the skills to become self-sufficient long into the future.

One of ECCO’s greatest strengths has always been our ability to adapt and respond to the needs of our community as they arise. Just like we did when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, it’s time to be nimble again to flex and grow beyond our walls because our community needs us. 

Your gift to this campaign is the key to our ability to increase ECCO’s impact in this community. Every additional person we serve contributes to a continuous cycle that makes the East Cooper community healthier, stronger, and more resilient.

Your gift today will have ripple effects in our community for years to come.