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The Baldwin Carson Community Outreach Center honors computer class graduates

Thursday, June 1, 2017, marked the date of the first classes of students to graduate from the BCCOC/ECCO computer class offered in Microsoft Word. The students, comprised of 17, completed a 12 weeks course that introduced beginners to word processing, and expanded the knowledge of students with more advanced skills. Sheila Russell, Instructor, who presided over the program, gave the Address. The invocation and welcome were given by Mary Carson and Sybil Mitchell, BCCOC’s Board Member and ECCO Site Coordinator, respectively.

Stephanie Kelley, ECCO Executive Director, along with Mary Carson presented the certificates to the graduates, ending with Ella Chisolm providing the benediction.

Varied graduates delivered closing remarks that captured their appreciation of Sheila as instructor and friend; Sybil’s work behind the scenes, and ECCO and other stakeholders for making everything possible.

There was a brief repast to honor the graduates’ accomplishments at the conclusion of the ceremony, funded in part by ECCO and Corporal Cephus Rogers of the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office.

Congratulations, Graduates!
Sybil Mitchell, BCCOC Site Coordinator

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